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Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Hi there, we are speaking on Raise a Healthy Happy Family Thursday morning Jan 29th in Boston. We are on the advisory board of SuperChefs ( a fantastic organization that is based in beautiful British Columbia) and we are all committed to creating a healthy environment for kids.


Take a look:


Good Afternoon from Boston, Mass.

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

100calorie_wonders_sure_they_cSome health and fitness Odiatu quotes online:

100-calorie wonders: Sure, they control portion. But they’re not a
The Bay City Times - - Bay City,MI,USA
complicated,” said Uche Odiatu, personal trainer and, with his wife Kary, co-author of “The Miracle of Health: Simple Solutions, Extraordinary Results.


Good day from Boston. It is snowing hard here on Downtown Boston near the waterfront. So it feels like home in Toronto.

Hope this online article givs you some new thoughts and ideas on how to take your fitness to the next level

Uche and Kary

Spreading the word in beautiful British Columbia on Mon, Jan 26th

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Arriving in Oregon

Arriving in Oregon

Interview w/ Dave Fuller on “Health First” by telephone in BC Mon, Jan 26

Time: 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. This is pre-taped and so you can listen later this week if you go to their website.
Broadcast in Prince George, British Columbia on CFIS 93.1 FM & streaming audio if you want to listen online
Just got off a plane last night from Salem Oregon (see images attached)
We are off to Boston Tuesday night for an enormous health professionals conference in Boston. 35,000 attendees from across North America. Kary is doing a keynote at a women’s luncheon at noon wednesday. Then we are both giving talks over Thursday and Friday.
With the last few weeks on six different flights, the whole family is making sure we are taking our probiotics BIO K+ (helps us regulate our intestinal functioning- studies have shown that stress from flying can wreak havoc on the good bacteria in your intestines. Taking a small supplement gives us a great way to help normalize the system). Kary and I also love our Greens+ from Genuine Health (antioxidants from 23 different green foods in one teaspoon - amazing hey? Kary loves the lift it gives her whenever she is working or playing hard.
We just started putting a vegan protein powder into our oatmeal in the morning. This is for anyone who wants a change from the whey based protein powders they might have been using. Both work well! Keep an open mind we always say. This is what science is all about. Trying things, asking good questions, keeping what works and enjoying the process.
“The learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned (the people who know it all) are perfectly equipped to take care of the world the way it was yesterday.” ~ Eric Hoffer
We love our green tea also. There are so many different flavours available. We learnt just recently that 2-3 cups a day, boost your immune system. And the bit of a buzz you get from the small amount of caffeine is  sustained longer than the spike/drop that regular coffee gives you.
Healthy regards
Uche & Kary

Blogging from Salem Oregon, USA

Friday, January 23rd, 2009


We enjoyed doing a keynote for this Medical Society in Orgeon Thursday night in Salem. We felt well taken care of last night. We had a fantastic dinner and heard some very committed physicians meet and greet with each other and discuss their year ahead.

It was a long journey to get here. I was in my office 8-8pm Wednesday, came home to workout in our home gym and pack. Kary had just as much of a long day with the kids and getting ready.

Hitting the sack at midnight and hearing our alarm go off at 5am was a challenge. But there is no feeling like you are going to speak with people and make a difference in their lives.

“A life in lived in the service of others makes it worth living” ~ Albert Einstein 1879-1955

The limo came at 6am and we were off to the airport for 6:30am. Our flight left at 8am. Arriving in Vancouver after a 5 hour flight with our two youngest children ( 2 1/2 and 6 months), was a blast. It is amazing you can have fun when many people say, “How can you be smiling when you travel with young children?” Well, if you bring a DVD player with Wiggles DVD’s, healthy snacks, and a flexible aittude, anything is possible.

Fit to Lead was the title of our keynote. We shared our insights and perspectives on how living an active lifestyle can make you more productive in every area of your life.

Next week, Tuesday evening we leave for Boston, Mass to speak at a huge conference for health professionals. They are expecting 35,000 from across North America.

~ Uche Odiatu from Salem Oregon Friday, January 23rd, 2009 - we are in Oregon this weekend

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

An Oregon Medical Society invited us to do a keynote at their annual conference January 22nd in Salem, Oregon. Thursday Jan 22nd, we left Toronto at 8am to fly to Portland via Vancouver.

What do you pack for two days when you travel with young children? Email us and we will tell you what we pack for air travel with kids. Please share what you do, as we love to read emails from people who are interested in moving forward.

Making time to read and learn about health and wellness is time well invested.

“The Learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned (people who know it all) will be perfectly equipped to take care of the world the way it was yesterday.” ~Eric Hoffer

Each day we find ways to get inspired and be motivated

~ All the best in your fitness quest

Uche and Kary

In Montreal Friday for Media

Thursday, January 15th, 2009
On the road spreading the word about health and wellness in Montreal Friday January 16th
7:40am CJAD radio - 4 min LIVE
9am CFMB radio (pretape) 30 min
10am video for 20min
11am CJAD LIVE call-in 30 min
11:45-1pm  lunch
2:30pm CKUT radio - 90.3fm tape by phone 30min
3:30pm CFCF TV taped 4min
4pm The Gazette Newspaper Interview 20 min
7pm fly back to Toronto

Bob Greene on CNN Larry King Show Jan 10th (repeat show)

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Oprah’s war on weight?

Fighting anything creates a resistance force. Carl Jung reported that, “What you resist will persist.”

A battle of the bulge just like the war on drugs just creates an even stronger resistance. Look at some numbers: in 1980 there were 300,000 in US prisons, now the prison population is 2.4 million (from Eckhart Tolle’s The New Earth). The number of overweight people (67% in the USA and 59% in Canada) are growing so quickly, experts are predicting that 95% or more of us will be overweight by 2030.

The war on fat puts all your energy on the problem. In the business world, smart managers tell people to focus only 10% of their time on the problem and 90% of your time, effort and energy on the solution.

It has been said, that we need to watch carefully our THOUGHTS as they become our ACTIONS. Be conscious of your ACTIONS as they become your HABITS. Be aware of your HABITS as they become your DEEDS - over time they form your CHARACTER. And in turn your CHARACTER creates your DESTINY

Healthy regards

Uche and Kary

Media this week

Friday, January 9th, 2009

We enjoy being able to chat with people and answer their health and fitness questions. There’s no feeling like knowing that what you have been studying, living, and working on has value to people. It appears that most people are reaching out for clarity in this puzzling sea of information overload.

“Only a life lived for others is worth living.” ~ Albert Einstein

Thank you for your emails, please keep them coming.

This week we were in Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Toronto:


Tuesday Jan 6th:

8:20am Global TV

10am Mike Mclean radio show

11am Shaw TV

1pm Wild Rose Forum (radio)

2pm Calgary Herald


8pm Winnipeg Free Press


Wednesday, Jan 7th

8:30am City BT (Kary cooked up some fantastic oatmeal with Genuine Health Protein+)

9:20am Shaw TV with the Fanny Keifer Show (Uche)

11am CBC Living Vancouver



The Metro (a daily newspaper in Toronto)

Thursday, Jan 8th

8:45am 95.3FM Country morning radio show with Lea


Friday, Jan 9th KBS radio with the Wayne Kelly show at noon EST

2-3pm CTS TV “On the Line” with Christine Williams

USA website mention

The Miracle of Health media Dec 30th - Jan 3rd

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

We are currently on the road sharing our enthusiasm for health and fitness and infusing Canadians with energy for the New Year’s health resolutions:

City TV Breakfast Television Dec 30th Toronto LIVE

Winnipeg Community newspapers Dec 30th Winnipeg (pre-taped interview for Jan 5-8th article)

CKNX Phil Main radio interview Dec 31st LIVE

City TV Breakfast Television Jan 2nd Winnipeg LIVE

Shaw TV Jan 2nd Winnipeg (pre-tape for release Jan 5-8th)

Winnipeg Sun media online

KCTX Texas radio interview Jan 3rd (pre-tape for Sunday Jan 4th) “Sunday Drum” show

McNally Robinson Book store signing and launch Sunday Jan 4th 2-3:30pm Winnipeg

Yes, it is a little hectic, but like Bob Mowad said, “You can’t leave footprints in the sands of time sitting on your butt, and who wants to leave buttprints in the sands of time?”

Hope to meet more people while we are on the road. Please stop and say hello and let us know your New Year’s resolutions and we will share with you some ideas to make them STICK.