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Did a keynote for The Women Presidents Organization in Toronto

Friday, December 11th, 2009


We presented Fit to Lead: the Peak Performance Advantage as the keynotes for the year end event Thursday, Dec 10th.

There were about 30 people in attendence; we enjoyed sharing our enthusiasm for living a healthy lifestyle with  this group of amazing women

Kary. Peggy Grall (meeting chair) and Uche strike a pose after the meeting ended

Kary. Peggy Grall (meeting chair) and Uche strike a pose after the meeting ended at The Granite Club in Toronto

Interview on 97.3fm EZ Rock Radio Tuesday morning 7:50am

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009



An inspirational interview on Toronto’s EZ Rock radio 97.3fm:

With EZ Rock morning hosts - Howard and Kathy

We shared 4 tips to LOOK HOT for the HOLIDAYS


1. Get some SLEEP - most Canadians when they get busy and stressed go to be later and get less sleep. Less sleep is stressful to the body and the body makes more of the hormone Ghrelin which makes you hungrier. Your body also makes less LEPTIN - which makes you less satisfied with food.

2. EXERCISE - do we have to say anymore? Well, if you have to know, no one has ever maintained long term weight loss without being a regular exerciser. You read right, “no one.”

3. Don’t shop for your holiday parties until the day of or day before the big event at your house. Why? Because, if you buy it far enough out from the special day, you will only end up eating it all and have to go buy a entire new round of food for the big day. And when guests leave at the end of the night - send them home with all the uneaten baking and treats. AGHHHH! Well better they eat them you you and your family later that night or the next morning

4. Stop eating 2-3 hours from bedtime. Our motto: “Go to bed hungry - wake up lean.”