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Friday, March 26th, 2010

One way to get inspired to take care of yourself is to shut off all the other messengers telling you about getting a six pack, building buns of steel and trimming those thighs.

You can Google any of those topics and get all the information you want. Actually if you Google the word, “nutrition” you will see 106 million results. Google the word “exercise” and you will see 135 million results. Information has a poor history or history of creating change.

There is an inner game of fitness. A philosophy of healthy eating. A mindset of active living. Each of these requires you to have the combination lock inside your head click on the secret code. And when it clicks, you will “take action”, “eat mindfully” and enjoy the journey to health and wellness.

It isn’t a sprint. It isn’t a 100 yard dash.

Enjoy the journey.

Ask yourself the question,”Can sitting too long on the couch numb your brain?”

Email us your thoughts….

St Thomas More High School March 23rd Assembly

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Get FIT and Get SMARTER!

Hey, we were invited to speak at a large high school in Hamilton today. We were blown away by the kids. It was a huge student body, but the kids were so mature and at the same time energetic and fun!

We had a group of knowledgeable students doing AV duty. They had a great sound board and equipment. Two students introduced us and did a super job. They even had greeters at the front door when we arrived - made us feel well taken care of!

We went through the full gamut of “How to get in shape” “Developing powerful reasons to get started” “How not to fall off track” “Nutrition strategies that work” and “Simple exercises to boost brain power.”

All in one hour? Is that possible? Well, we share insights and principles, not a litany of rules, research and formulas (which you can download online anytime for free).

Anyway, we had a load of fun meeting the kids and teachers. This school is already on track. We heard about their healthy eating initiatives and athletic programs in place. At the end of the hour, there were some fun photo ops and then we bid them farewell.

The Total Health Show - Toronto Metro Convention Centre March 14th 2010

Sunday, March 14th, 2010


We did a one hour breakout session at the Total Health Show in Toronto today. Spoke to a packed room of abour 75 people.

Our goal was to inspire them to get passionate about their health.

After we signed books and spent time at Hoopers Pharmacy Booth for Genuine Health.


Uche sandwiched between two awesome people from Genuine Health

Uche sandwiched between two awesome people from Genuine Health

It was a busy weekend at this huge health expo. 1,000’s of people attended. Being a rainy weekend, it appeared to be a super time to head downtown to learn, shop and network with likeminded people.

After a busy four hours we headed home

Next week (Friday March 19th) we are in Hamilton to do an appearance at Goodness Me.

Monday March 15th we are being interviewed on an online TV show.

Love this quote from the German writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genuis, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”

Phoenix, Arizona for the Western Regional Dental Convention

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Dr Uche Odiatu likes the line from Jon Secada’s classic song I’m Free: “Things are only as important as I want them to be.” Stress management at its finest

Our program Creating Balance: Take This Stress and Love It! was well received. It was repeated twice due to the demand.


Here are some images from the conference room:

Driving home a point…

Like Eminem recommends in 8 Mile, "You have to lose yourself in the moment..."

Like Eminem recommends in 8 Mile, "You have to lose yourself in the moment..."

Kary and Uche at the Total Health Show at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre Sunday March 14th - with Genuine Health

At Goodness Me March 19th Get Fit - Get Smarter!

Excited about doing some media Monday March 15th and then doing an assembly for 2000 high school kids in Hamilton March 23rd