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Brush-a-mania visit to Pineway School last week

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

I enjoyed my morning Brushamania visit at Pineway Public School in North Toronto. It is my 6 th year volunteering and each year I learn something new.


It was with energy and enthusiasm that I left my house at 8:30am April 16th. Armed with a box of kids’ stickers, pencils, gloves, a couple of masks, and two hand puppets, I drove down the 404 rehearsing my script for the elementary school children. I have lectured at dental conferences across North America, but nothing can throw more fear into the heart of a speaker than facing 30 JK children. I knew I had to compete with seasoned teachers at school, TV, the Internet, Wii Fit and DS’s at their homes.


Shary Janmohamad, the principal, was very organized. Everything was set up and ready for me when I arrived at the office. I lugged a box of Brushamania gear around to seven different classes. During the next 90 minutes, there were 100’s of questions asked, pop dental quizzes answered, and brushes and stickers given out.


I especially enjoyed encouraging the quiet kids who were not as quick to participate. Enthusiasm seemed to be the name of the game. “Taking care of your teeth is fun” was my mantra. I said good bye to the staff in the office and left the building. Another year of Brushamania over…


Having fun sharing some inspirational ideas with the kids

Having fun sharing some inspirational ideas with the kids