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New Year’s Weight Loss Tips Dec 30th radio interview 920 AM

Thursday, December 30th, 2010


8:15 am CST - Dr Uche just finished a LIVE radio interview on 920 AM CKNX in Canada




Reasons are fine and dandy, but the experts have already hit Canadians over the head with every possible reason to eat healthy and be active


1. Live longer – 3 traits of long livers: education, independence, and exercise


2. Smarter: 50% less chance of Alzheimer’s – second most feared diagnosis after cancer


3. Sexier – more active – toned and lean and more attractive like the TV actors and models we all stare at 20-35 hours a week


4. Healthier – less chance of heart disease – the #1 killer in North America (2000 per day)


But Uche, I don’t have the time….


Kary has online coaching clients that she helps everyday that have issues with discipline. Is it really discipline or is it just that they have crappy systems in place to be healthy So here is a 4 part action plan for SUCCESS in 2011:


  1. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning – put it beside your bed. After oxygen, it is the #1 nutrient we need and most of us are chronically dehydrated (bad breathe, constipation, HBP, wrinkles)
  2. Eat a big breakfast. University of Texas study showed that eating at least 400 calorie meal takes an edge off your hunger not just in the morning, but all day! And it’s a good vicious cycle. Eat less at nite and you will wake up hungry the next day.
  3. Forget the 3 x a week model trainers tell you. You have to get active everyday or you are edging yourself towards an early demise. ANCIENT BODIES with ancient DNA and cellular memory whispering in our ear move or die. Recent study reported that 78% of people would exercise if it was more convenient ie door gym, stationary bike, yoga mat, stability ball, DB’s, exercise DVD’s.
  4. Cut back on TV – remove some of your 500 channels as channel surfing leads to increased TV watching. You will always find something half decent to watch.


A recent Dutch  study showed daily active lives of 19th C settlers was 1.6x higher than today. Equivalent of 3-8 miles.


NEW YEARS – most people are celebrating with sweet treats and booze. The onslaught of sugar overloads most people’s inactive bodies and throws their physiology into a tailspin.


-          if there’s a dog, offer to walk it

-          sit or stand more than 6ft away from the buffet table – FOODLAB at Cornell U

-          eat a big breakfast.

-          Drink a glass of water first thing in the AM

-          Turn on the TV to watch it only if you have something to specifically to look at

-          Focus on connecting with your family and friends vs the food. GLIB, but the increase in “tend and befriend” hormone of oxytocin. KEY? Feel Good – EAT LESS!