The Hottest Bodies if the Summer?

Take a look @ the hottest bodies of 2010 summer and get motivated to have a salad or go for a walk

The sad part is most people start fitness or weight loss programs, but fail to continue them on a consistent basis.

What is the secret to ongoing self -motivation? We all know people who have been double dog dared to lose weight. Well they lose some weight, celebrate the weight loss and then start eating again after they won the bet.

How does one keep it off for good? Have fun doing it? Not have to resort to plastic surgery, lipo or drastic diets?

We have been studying the masters for the last 15 years. At the same time we have both been regular exercisers, had three kids, travelled, worked at demanding careers, and maintained healthy body weights. Oh yeah, and Kary has competed at a world class level in women’s fitness competitions.

Have we fallen off the wagon a few times? Yes. But the key was getting right back on without postponing a new start date (for many New Years).

Try these simple strategies today:

1. Aim to eat no boxed or canned food for three days and see how you look and feel

2. Stand or walk whenever you are on a telephone to keep your metabolism active. Not only will you sound more alert and alive, you will also burn more calories

3. Write down a single weight loss or fitness goal on the back of your business card and look at it 7 times a day to keep it in your subconscious. Awareness or consciousness is CAUSE vs. the physical world (which is the effect). Most people work very hard at the physical world, but never on the CAUSE (thoughts & feelings)

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