With New York Times best selling author Robert Allen in Orlando

"Finally...a book that applies success strategies to fitness. You will be inspired to take immediate action." ~ Robert Allen

Congratulated by Arnold Schwarzenegger on stage at the Arnold Classic
With nutrition guru Sam Graci author of The FOOD Connection in Toronto
Inspiring children at schools.

Meeting Robin Sharma author of

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Kary flying high at Worlds

Image by: Michaeal L. Hackenbruch

Meeting Sarah Fergusen
"It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some
people are ready to change and others are not."

~ James Gordon, MD

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"Kary and Uche are two of the most vibrant, energetic and dedicated people I have met to date. I had a chance to work with them on our national weekend morning show, Good Morning Canada."

~Eleanor Coopsamy, producer


"Kary and Uche provided the staff with a dynamic hour long presentation, leaving us with a greater understanding of how to bring balance to our lives. We would recommend this seminar to any group looking for guidance in the area of handling the challenges of work and family."

~Connie Pereira, manager of personal banking, Royal Bank of Canada

"Kary and Uche's overall rating was 4.9 out of 5. Evaluations from your presentation included the following comments: very motivational, enjoyed the course and would like to hear them again, great speakers, great information, I am glad I went to this lecture, far better than I expected, useful information to apply to everyday life, WOW! I loved it!, uplifting, you to glow, good job, inspiring, keep it coming, great program, amazing!"
~Marilyn Sweeney, Assist. Exec. Director of Convention Services, Pacific Northwest Dental Conference



When it comes to inspiring people to take action on their fitness dreams and goals there are no others like Kary and Uche. Their electrifying presentations are full of insightful ideas and strategies. They deliver their message with warmth and compassion. Uche and Kary have over 48 years of fitness experience combined! They have inspired people on television, radio, magazines and in person with their enthusiasm. After listening to these two high powered speakers, your group or organization will understand the benefits of health and vitality and be ready to take action.

Fitness............and Your Bottom Line: Executive Health

Today’s professionals are living on the edge. Emails, cell phones, lap tops, meetings, and demanding family roles all contribute to eating fast food on the run and leaving no time for physical activity. A fast-paced lifestyle often leads to high stress and disease. Some of the consequences of unhealthy living are high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, cancer, depression, and anxiety.

A commitment to health and fitness has a ripple effect in all areas of life. Research has shown that people who are physically fit have less sick days and perform their work more efficiently. Adding health and fitness to a daily action plan will make the professional more alert, more resistant to fatigue, and enable them to enjoy their families and their hobbies with more energy and enthusiasm.

Powerful goal setting techniques and closed eye visualizations will fully engage the participants and help them move towards their fitness goals. Effective strategies for immediate implementation will be shared during the day. In addition; a balanced life combining fitness, family, and career is explored. 

As a busy dentist in a demanding practice, Uche has managed to make time for fitness. Kary began her athletic career while she was a full- time teacher. This dynamic duo has motivated 1000’s of North American audiences to achieve a fit lifestyle. They are both certified trainers and are affiliated with some of the top fitness associations and organizations.

Immerse yourself and your team in this timely topic and:

  • establish powerful reasons to get fit.

  • learn seven strategies for sound nutrition.

  • make time for fitness.

  • develop an action plan to get started.

  • create a personal plan for a lifetime of fitness.

Goodbye Fat - Hello Fitness! 

Everyone has heard the "hows" and the "whys" when it comes to health and fitness. People are bombarded with mountains of seemingly contradictory information from a variety of sources every day of the week. This has led to "paralysis by analysis" for millions of people. More than 60% or 200 million North Americans are overweight. How can this be if research has shown one in three women and one in four men are on some type of diet at any one time?

With insight and enthusiasm, Kary and Uche will clear the way for people to understand the contradictory health and fitness advice in today’s world. With humour and compassion they will help you uncover powerful reason to enjoy the fitness habit and TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY.

Book us today and:

  • make peace with your body.

  • understand what has been holding you back.

  • uncover common exercise and nutrition myths.

  • get inspired to develop the fitness habit.

  • create an action plan to get started TODAY NOT TOMORROW.

Create Balance and Live Life Well!

Unrelenting pressure from work, health issues, and family challenges can drain the reserves of the most well-intentioned individual. The consequences include: feelings of overwhelm, depression, poor sleep quality, overeating, degenerative disease and accelerated aging. This informative and interactive program is uniquely crafted to help balance the busy person’s life. In this powerful seminar you will: recognize the warning signs and the implications of being out of balance, discover the mind /body connection through meditation and reflection, start a nutrition toolbox (understand the food/mood connection), experience a “Chair Yoga” routine and several other fun relaxation techniques. 

  1. Identify balanced life blockers.

  2. Invest in your health and add energy to your day.

  3. Learn relaxation techniques and other powerful wellness strategies.

  4. This program is fun, empowering and inspirational. 

The Fitness Prescription: Shape a Better Life – an invigorating seminar designed to give you strategies on how you can eat healthy & develop a fitness mindset. The research shows that physically active healthy people have better cognitive ability and more zest for life than their inactive counterparts. Most people are very surprised to discover the link between their energy and vitality and their performance at work and home. Get prepared to feel inspired to take your health & fitness to the next level.

1.  Learn how your health & vitality impacts your productivity

2.  Develop a fitness mindset 24/7

3.  Increase your energy & vitality and feel the benefits at work and home

4.  Discover new wellness strategies and get inspired to take action NOW!

Landers, D.M. and S.A Arent 2001. Physical activity and mental health. In: Handbook of Sports Psychology, 2nd ed RN Singer, HA Hausenblas and C.M. Janelle eds., NY: Wiley, pp740-765

Rogers, RL J.A. Meyer and K.F. Mortel. 1990 After reaching retirement age physical activity sustains cerebral perfusion and cognition. Journal of Geriatric Society 38: 123-128.

You: the Owner’s Manual. Harper Collins © 2005. Michael Roizen MD & Mehmet Oz MD

Living Your Dreams 

In this inspiring presentation it is our intention to move the audience to take action on living their life by design rather than default. Uche and Kary share their personal stories and life lessons. Hear how Kary overcame an inactive, unhealthy lifestyle to become one of the top fitness athletes in the world. Listen first hand how Uche has woven exercise and nutrition into a busy professional career. This program introduces powerful tools for making positive change: creating a dream list, effective visualization, finding a support team, and taking action. This topic is perfect for athletes, students, and the young at heart! 

Contact us today and:

  • begin designing a life that will make a difference.

  • learn simple goal-setting strategies.

  • uncover the secret of getting more of what you want in life.

  • take action immediately.

Booking Information

Please contact us if you are interested in more information about booking Kary and Uche. Keynote presentations, lunch and learn (one hour or less), half day or full day presentations can be arranged. We will send you more information, a detailed pre-program questionnaire and our 2009 fee schedule once we receive your request. In your email please include:

  1. The name and address of the organization

  2. A contact person and a phone number

  3. The theme or purpose of the event

  4. The proposed date/time of the event

  5. The length of the proposed presentation

  6. The number of people that will be attending

  7. The topic you are interested in

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