Uche meeting Dr. Deepak Chopra in Florida

Meeting track star Ben Johnson

Kary in the gym at the Westin Harbor Castle in Toronto

With Richard Simmons in Toronto

Kary and Uche after a workout.

Image by Doug Schnieder

With a friend in Australia

Training at Hardcore Gym in Edmonton
Image by David Ford


The following stories and testimonies are from people who have attended one of our fitness seminars / events or have read Fit for the LOVE of It! If you have read our book or attended a seminar please send us a story about your experience. We would enjoy hearing from you! Email us now!

“The Odiatu's bring a fresh new perspective to physical fitness and life. They were entertaining, enthusiastic and energetic. It was the most popular presentation of Destin 2006.” 
~ Dr. Woody Oakes,

“You both were successful at promoting the message of balance professionally while respecting the values of our company. We want to thank you very much for the outstanding presentation that you delivered to our managers during our 2006 provincial conference”
~ Almire Cuizon,  Jacob regional manager

“We, too, enjoyed meeting and visiting with both of you.  You are so inspiring, so beautiful, and so motivational.  There is an ever growing awareness (thank goodness) of the need for your work and your educational experience.”
~ Cathy Jameson PhD, author and international lecturer.

“Success has just begun ..... you have a great topic and style to communicate. Look forward to big things from you!” 
~ Dr Steve  Rasner, Realizing Your Dream

“Uche and Kary will help you get fit, be fit and live fit."
Mark Victor Hansen co-author of the best selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series and the New York Times best seller One Minute Millionaire. California

“I appreciated your lecture on Friday at the winter clinic on several different levels….spoke my language both professionally and personally Thank-you again for your insight and thoughts… you directed helped me with 2 cases I am currently in the middle of.”
~ Dr Anne Kern

“Thanks for coming on, it’s much appreciated.  We always get a ton of e-mails after you’re on.”
~ Mookie 95.3 FM Canada’s #1 country music station Toronto

“Kary and Uche provided the staff with a dynamic hour long presentation, leaving us with a greater understanding of how to bring balance to our lives…we would recommend this seminar to any group looking for guidance in the area of handling the challenges of work and family.”
~Connie Pereira Manager Personal Banking Royal Bank of

“I heard you speak in San Antonio and hope you will be asked to return next year. I loved your enthusiasm.”
Kristi, Texas May 2007

“I really enjoyed meeting you and Uche …You are the modern-day “Dynamic Duo”.  I found you both to be Phenomenal at engaging the audience for the entire 2.5 hours…  they would have let you go over-time without complaining, you were THAT GOOD!”
~ Shelly Leveque, Vancouver

“I have just arrived home from the Ontario Dental Convention.  Listening to you both speak really was a motivation. We travelled with four women in our group and three of us attended your lecture.  We found it very informative and very entertaining.  I have been drinking my water faithfully, swivelling my hips to remind the girls to step away from the fast food and gently reminding them of some of the tips to stay on the healthy trail.  I look forward to reading your book.  Your wisdom with the twist of humour was the best lecture I came across this week.”
~ Laurie Bellan,

“You both were a real pleasure to interview and we really appreciate your message. You have command of the information and your lives reflect it. Refreshing.”
~ Don Bodenbach, KCEO
San Diego
radio The Nature of Health Show

“I have begun to read your book.  It is nice to see the relational material from the experiences of others.  My wife has been inspired to get fit and has taken your advice to heart.”
~ G. Scull, Florida

“Thank you so much for coming to San Antonio!  You both are an inspiration to
me & hopefully to everyone in attendance!
~ Celia Guzman Texas  2007

“Read it (Fit for the LOVE of It!)...Loved it....it has helped bump me back on a better track. I love the little stories and motivation quotes along the way.  Very Very practical and achievable. 
~ Mark Murphy DDS
Michigan The Pankey Institute Florida

“My listeners felt it was a very informative interview.” 
~ Contessa, host of Magic Sunday KTCX Texas

"Kary and Uche are two of the most vibrant, energetic and dedicated people I have met to date. I had a chance to work with them on our national weekend morning show, Good Morning Canada. In the four months Good Morning Canada ran out of Winnipeg, I received 100's of emails from people commending our choice in fitness experts."
Eleanor Coopsamy, Producer of CTV Canada Morning Canada

"Fit for the LOVE of It! will change lives. The book is an important breakthrough for anyone interested in health, fitness and longevity. It is easy to read and I recommend it to my patients. My wife, Rishma, and I feel that Kary and Uche are a remarkable couple. They make the pursuit of health and fitness fun."
Dr. K. Gupta MD Toronto

“Thank you again for a very fun and informative morning.”
~ Linda B., Winter Clinic Nov 2007

“Thank you for a very up lifting class.  You gave me alot to think about in making small changes in our lives.”  
~ Gail, seminar attendee, San Francisco 2007

“Their message is relevant to people of all ages because it emphasizes principles that anyone can achieve.  As role models, and as motivational speakers, they offer something more than typical. While they teach their audience about what is possible for the average person, their approach also helps to provide the momentum for change. This combination of relevant information and effective presentation increases the likelihood that their ideas will not just be heard, but will also be implemented by those who learn them.”
Shannon Gadbois, M.Ed., Ph.D., Department of Psychology Brandon University

“I feel like I have more energy and I'm more productive at work.  I have talked to others that attended the seminar and they are seeing similar results.  You have really made major changes in our lives.  The lessons you taught are now a life style for us not just something we tried for a couple weeks and gave up on.  We both thank you from the bottom of our now healthy hearts.  Keep spreading the word, you are making a difference!”  
~ Dr Ted and Terri Jowett, Kansas
, Heartland Study Club

"We certainly could feel the energy you brought to the group. I highly recommend the two of you as keynote speakers for health and wellness conferences."
Jackie Desrochers, Manager of Training Services, Manitoba Provincial Government.

I had the opportunity to attend two seminars you presented at the ADA
conference in San Francisco last month.  Both classes were informative
and inspirational.”

~ Lisa Rollin

“I'll start by expressing my sincere and abundant gratitude for supporting Sunday's event.Your enthusiasm was wonderful and it truly kept the day alive.”
~ Kyra Watters Total Health Gateway Weekend
Niagara Falls April 2007

"Finally....a book ("Fit for the LOVE of It!") that applies success principles to fitness."
Robert Allen, New York Times best selling author of Nothing Down for the 90's

“Everyone who attended the "Fit For Love" seminar remarked on the excellent content and the bright and inspiring personalities of the presentors.Together they provided a superb and information presentation filled with reassuring affirmations of the power of the soul and of the and the value of healthy living to us all.” 
~ Ruth Asper, Strategym owner Winnipeg

“I have been reading your book and have found it fantastic! I plan on reading some of the other books you make reference to as well.” 
~ Joe Fiorentino
C.A., PFP, FCSI, Vice President,
BMO Senior Investment Advisor

“I just got back from a visit to your web site.....FANTASTIC.....There is
much good mana there and I wish the two of you much success in the
future.....It is good to see good things happening to good people.....
~ Jeff Reinbold, former Blue Bomber head coach, Hawaii

I just finished reading your wonderful book and wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts and lives.  
~ Lori Orchard personal trainer, Manitoba

“Thanks so much for your inspiring words.  I always have dreams & ambitions
running through my mind when I work out or when I am in the shower and I
never thought of sitting down & making a list of 100 things I would like to
do/accomplish!  Thanks for the direction & motivation.”

~ Jen C.

“Dear Kary I am an obese woman and a severe asthmatic you have truly given
me hope that I can and will achieve my goals thank you.”

~ Deb P.

"This dynamic and enthusiastic couple offered knowledge, motivation and tools for the enjoyment of lifelong fitness."
~ Jill Golfman, President, Women's Division of Aish Hatorah Winnipeg.

“I ordered  the combination of two books from AMAZON for myself so I could learn how to compete also.    I want to order your signed book for my fragile special sister who gives me inspiration.  I think your book is the one that will help her look ahead to a bright future.  Her name is Janis.   Please tell me how to order this signed book for Janis.”
~ Dr Polsen,

“You two are two of a kind, in this chaotic and sometimes very unfriendly
world. It is nice to have the both of you in my life at the level that I do
and I feel very blessed and honored to be or have the privilege to have
your book!!!!”

~ Teri W.

“About a month ago I was playing around on the internet and I came across
your website.  Your book sounded very interesting, so I decided to pick it
up.(At the end of March, I was 60lbs overweight. Now I'm halfway to my
weight loss goal and thought that a little extra motivation would be great!)
After I finished reading it, I felt like I could do anything. It was

~ Michelle D.,

“My husband and I ordered your book a few months ago and LOVED it!  We got our parents to purchase it too.  You may be happy to learn that my father-in-law and mother-in-law have literally changed their lives since reading your book!  They got gym memberships, work out daily and have totally revamped their diets.  It's awesome.  My father-in-law was supposed to go on cholesterol-lowering medication but held off for a few months while so he could try diet and exercise instead.  I'm thrilled to say that his latest blood test shows no need for medication!” 
~ Tara N

“Talking to Kary I found myself intoxicated with her spirit and zest for life.  Her and Uche are forever etched in my mind.  I haven't experienced such overwhelming influence since I listened to Deepak Chopra lecture at Roy Thompson Hall several years ago.  My deepest gratitude to you, Kary for bringing such a remarkable and inspiring wealth of information together (The Total Health Gateway Weekend at Niagara on-the Lake April 2006”
~ Patricia B.,

“Thank you both for your participation. The feedback we got for your talks
were wonderful!”

~ Rabbi Lesserson, Aish Torah women’s event

“Loved the interview it was great.  Thank you so much for giving me
the opportunity to interview the both of you.”

~ Jennifer N. Patton, host KBYG
Texas radio

“The dynamic team that you have created with your wife and the balance that you have created with your lives is wonderful.  Furthermore, your joint efforts to encourage others to develop healthier life habits also deserves kudos.”  
~ Garth Sam

“I’ve read it, and then re-read it. I couldn't put it down. It's a great book, exactly what I was looking for. “
~ Deb

“We loved having you as usual and we'll hook up in the future”
Thor, producer, CKNW Vancouver

“Uche and Kary, I want to buy your book.  Your site took me here.  I will try again and go to Amazon.  See I wanted a signed copy.  Hey my husband and I each wrote our 100 goals and dreams list.  I am trying to get my sisters to do the same.  Don't stop being speakers, you were inspirational.  After attending your course at the Oregon Convention Center, I went home and took the whole family on a walk.” 
Cindy Brewer Oregon

“Hello my name is Greg Rae, I would like to thank you for your motivating presentation at the good food festival this past weekend! I am also a personal trainer and have a great passion for fitness! You are both great role models for myself and people how want, or are living a healthy lifestyle!”
~ a trainer in Toronto

Kary and Uche Odiatu provide an entertaining and enthusiastic presentation. They have the ability to send a message about healthy living in an untraditional style. Participants are encouraged to look at their own life style and inspired to make changes. Delightful couple!”
~ Carolyn Rose, meeting planner White Oaks Resort Ontario

“Your book is like my little bible, it goes in my gym bag, work bag, and it follows me on
vacation.  I am a big fan of quotes and I found your book was very

~ Jamie Stevenson

“Great stuff. I had for some reason, expected it to be much dryer. I could not imagine what could be written about exercise that has not already been said a million
times. I see that this is not really an exercise book, but a synthesis of
many works on behaviour, motivation, inspiration and so on, with a great
measure of humanity.  I can see that it will be very useful.”
~ Dr Mike Hodish

“I met you at the Association of Canadian Fitness Professional national conference during your seminar. Yours was my favorite seminar out of all of them.  You and Uche were fabulous!  Very motivating.  Thank you! You both have great energy, a great vibe.” ~ Nicole, Toronto

“Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your seminar!  You truly have a passion for life and it was wonderful to have met you both.  You made planning this event for our dental community a breeze! The excitement in your delivery and your sense of humor became infectious throughout the room and I know everyone enjoyed the day!  We were all able to take something away from the wide range of topics you both spoke on. It is such a pleasure to know that there are talented people… who love what they do so much they are inspired to share their knowledge with others. Thanks again for all your great suggestions and for being such an inspiration!”
Nicole Cordeau, Nova Scotia Meeting Planner

“We thoroughly enjoyed the seminar on the week end.  We had a four hour drive home so we took advantage of the time and wrote out our 100 dreams.  We also started drinking more water and we added a salad to our meals”
~ Wanda and Duncan McMaster, Halifax

“You both were a great interview”
Cory Wood KBLL Montana radio

“I just want to thank you again for the link to the radio station, Uche. I so much enjoyed your participation and to hear the enthusiasm in your voice.”
~ Kenna McKinnon,

 “Your enthusiasm is extremely contagious.”
~ Gilbert Wong Financial Security Advisor & Investment Representative

“Your book is like my little bible, it goes in my gym bag, work bag, and it follows me on vacation.  I am a big fan of quotes and I found your book was very inspiring. “
Jaime, Toronto

“You guys were terrific…I love your message, your energy and passion for life. It is infectious. I will…and already have begun telling my clients about your seminars and message. The general dental community definitely needs more exposure to your wellness message. I took some great notes during your seminar on actions I am committed to taking so that I may live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Thank you guys… I am glad you reminded me to take better care of my most valuable possession…my health!”
~ Peter Barry Consultant, SPA Inc

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